Since humans began,

We have been trying to understand the best way to take care of our bodies. Doctors, nurses, engineers and scientist have all contributed to solving this problem. 

The introduction of COVID-19 showed us that we need to be more prepared. Health care monitoring is a 24 hour 7 day a week 365 day a year job.

You have important things to focus on. So how can you get those done while meeting your health care goals?

Introducing BlackBox RPM. 

Tools to track your health, so you don’t have to.

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After a plane crash is reported,

we often hear talk of the information box that would give us insight into what happened.  We all wait to know what caused the crash because when we know what caused the crash, we can hopefully prevent the next one.

What if instead of waiting for the plane to crash the black box could preventatively inform the pilots of the problems at hand.  Surely crashes wouldn’t cease, but what if we could stop one.  What if you were on the plane that was saved?  It would matter to you.  It should matter to all of us.

The crashes we prevent aren't loud or explosive.

We help prevent the body from crashing.  When we see issues arise we help you make the minor corrections necessary to course correct before the crash.  We won’t prevent every crash, but what if we could prevent some.  What if it was you?  It would matter.  It should matter to all of us.

Join us in helping patients maintain their altitude.

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This is BlackBox RPM